The ASHI Home Inspector Difference

ASHI is all about Continous Learning

In 1976, a group of visionary home inspectors with the common goal of building consumer awareness and enhancing the professionalism of their field established the American Society of Home Inspectors (ASHI). This not-for-profit professional association for home inspectors made its first order of business to establish and advocate high standards of practice and a strict code of ethics for the member community.

The Mission of ASHI is to set and promote standards for property inspections and to provide the educational programs needed to achieve excellence in the profession and to meet the needs of our members. ”ASHI’s highest level of certification is the ASHI Certified Inspector, or ACI designation."  To get this designation, a home inspector must:

Pass the National Home Inspector Exam, which is a 200 question / 4 hour proctored exam. This exam is also used for licensing in approximately half of the United States.
Complete the ASHI SOP and Code of Ethics online training.
Complete a minimum of 250 fee-paid home inspections, with the reports in substantial compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice. To verify this, the list of inspections must be submitted to ASHI, and then five reports are selected for submission. The reports are sent to an ASHI report verifier, who then grades the reports for compliance.
All ASHI Home Inspectors are - Educated, Tested, Verified, and Certified. 

ASHI Certified Inspectors are the only true 3rd party certified Inspectors in the industry that are accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies (NCCA)

All inspector members of ASHI have agreed to abide by this Code of Ethics

Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.
Inspectors shall not inspect properties for compensation in which they have, or expect to have, a financial interest.
Inspectors shall not inspect properties under contingent arrangements whereby any compensation or future referrals are dependent on reported findings or on the sale of a property.
Inspectors shall not directly or indirectly compensate realty agents, or other parties having a financial interest in closing or settlement of real estate transactions, for the referral of inspections or for inclusion on a list of recommended inspectors, preferred providers, or similar arrangements. 
Inspectors shall not receive compensation for an inspection from more than one party unless agreed to by the client(s).
Inspectors shall not accept compensation, directly or indirectly, for recommending contractors, services, or products to inspection clients or other parties having an interest in inspected properties.
Inspectors shall not repair, replace, or upgrade, for compensation, systems or components covered by ASHI Standards of Practice, for one year after the inspection.

The Gold Standard

[ASHI inspector] While there are some major differences in certification requirements between the two top home inspector organizations, being certified by any or all of the organizations listed above does not make one a better home inspector.

The ASHI Difference lies in the continuous education programs. Members come together to learn from experts, and from one another.  ASHI does random audits on Inspectors and requires a minimum of 20 continuing education hours every year to maintain your membership and certification. ASHI is the oldest and has the strictest standards and polices and code of ethics when it comes to Home Inspectors.

The ASHI Gold Standard is the standard of excellence in our industry! Our OHSO ASHI Society of Inspectors take this seriously. The OHSO ASHI members consist of professionals in the Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and West Virginia area that meet regularly to learn from one another. We also bring in National ASHI approved Home Inspection Experts for Continuing Education Seminars, and Peer Reviews to strenthen each others skill sets.

Hire a Highly Trained and Certified ASHI Home Inspector to inspect your home!  


                 Five Star Building Inspections. LLC                                   is a proud member of ASHI & OHSO ASHI CHAPTER